Our Boat

Our boat is a 2001 Island Packet 380, hull #125 named “Painkiller”. We purchased her in 2012 with the intention of learning her systems and making her ours in preparation for long-term cruising to the Caribbean. She spent her first 11 years in the Caribbean and she wants to be back in the warm blue waters. Lucky for us, she thinks it’s cool if we tag along.

There were multiple considerations that were running through our heads as we narrowed our purchase criteria. We wanted a boat that was comfortable for 2 and could easily be handled by one of us if necessary, but was roomy enough for visitors. We wanted a balance of ruggedness, safety, comfort and good looks. We feel like we hit the jackpot! We have learned a lot about Painkiller sailing her for the last 7 seasons on Lake Pepin in Pepin, WI. Soon, we will be taking her back to where she wants to go…

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