Offer #1

Well, making the decision to actually place an offer and generate an official document with our signatures on it, with our proposed price, is an exciting and scary step. If you have been following along, clearly we have been in the “shopping” mode for a few years, however making an actual bona fide offer…well that changes things a bit.

We contacted the broker that we have been causually chatting with, who happened to have the listing for this particular Island Packet 380 that we are about to embark on down the path of purchase.

Being new to this boat purchasing process, we kind of entered into this thinking that we would ultimately own this particular boat, never thinking that things do occur along the way that get in the way of that happening. So, you let the excitement build, only to learn that perhaps it’s better to contain the excitement until the papers are signed making her ours. It’s really hard not to be excited, don’t you think?

Well, a few specifics about this particular offer. As I mentioned, we made an offer on an Island Packet 380. This particular boat has just come on the market, has been out cruising, been well-maintained and has the word “New” on many items on the listing. And, I might add, at a list price that is actually reasonably close to what we are willing to pay.

Because we live in Minnesota and have a limited opportunity to go view a particular boat prior to making an offer, we understand that what is going to work, for us at least, is to place an offer on a boat sight unseen. We feel comfortable doing this because once you have seen an Island Packet 380, all others are similar and only vary in condition and features. Now condition can play a huge factor, however we will take our chances and deal with this in the process of personal inspection, survey and sea trial.

So, we put in the offer with the broker….now, we wait to find out what happens next.

Then, the phone call comes, this boat has generated alot of interest. There are 3 similtaneous offers on this boat in the short time it has been on the market and we are not the highest bidder.

We have a couple of things playing in our favor 1) we are not in a hurry to purchase 2) we know what we want to pay and aren’t willing to go much over that due to # 1 and 3) there are many other Island Packet 380’s out there.

So, for this round, we learn more about the process and learn more about our tolerances and what we want, in what time frame and take that knowledge with us to the next time.

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