Hanging upside down

Today finds me literally hanging upside down…inside the boat refrigerator trying to clean every nook and cranny of it. For those unfamiliar with a boat refrigerator, these are a bit different than your refrigerator at home. First, boat refrigerators typically open from the top rather than from the front. This allow all the cold air to stay inside when you open the door. Secondarily, boat refrigerators tend to be very deep, irregular in shape with corners that are very inaccessible.

So, my task today is to clean out and wipe out the refrigerator. In order to get to the back corners of the fridge requires me to literally hang upside down with my head way down inside the fridge and my feet off the ground with my body literally halfway inside the fridge.

Good thing I don’t tend to get claustrophobic.

I got all the nooks and crannies cleaned up and it now looks better and smells better too.

Post-script:  I now have discovered the value of a good pair of tongs that can extend my reach and grip a towel or sponge to get to all those nooks and crannies.

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