Our first season with Painkiller

Well, yesterday we were at the boat and took down the sails for the season and started to empty all the items that cannot remain on the boat for the winter months. The boat will come out in a couple of weeks time and we want to be prepared for this year’s haul out since we have never winterized this boat, nor has this boat ever been winterized. We wanted to allow enough time for things to not go as planned.

So, our first season with the new Painkiller…we have accomplished a great deal this year in making this boat ours, although to the naked eye it doesn’t appear to look that different.

Here’s the list of what we have done.

Lots of cleaning
– Clean & polish all the interior woodwork
– Clean & polish all exterior stainless steel
– Clean & Wax all fiberglass on the topsides
– Clean out fridge and freezer
– Clean stove burners (they all work now)
– Compound, wash & wax the hull
– Wash & polish the mast, boom and all one hundred million inches of
wire rigging
– Clean bilge

Putting some stuff back together
– Reinstalled the solar panel
– Reinstalled the wind generator

Some Fixing/Repairing
– Fix loose wire on starboard side AC/Heating unit to allow it to heat
– Repair dinghy davits (broken during take down and transport)
– Electrically bonded the sea water strainer for AC and for raw water
wash down
– Fix loose connection on cabin fan
– Fix loose connection on stereo speaker
– Replaced the starter for engine
– Lubricate slide out for garbage can
– Replace water pump, impeller and belt on generator water system
– New bottom paint
– Newly painted boot stripe
– Change zincs
– Redo teak fiddles in the galley
– Re-tag and re-certify fire extinguishers

Some upgrades
– Installed a wifi antenna
– Installed the XM radio and antenna
– Make a cover for the freezer so that when we open the one door the
freezer is not open everytime you open the fridge
– Put the name “Painkiller” on the transom
– Install line hanger in port lazerette
– Make new curtains/covers for portlights
– Remove shampoo and conditioner dispensers in the bathroom
– Added new teak boarding steps

Wow, when I look back at all we have done, I feel quite accomplished. Next spring comes our big task of re-finishing all the exterior teak!

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