Hello Manitowoc

After loading up the boat on the truck on the morning of September 24th, 2019, Mark and I hopped in the car and drove the 5 hours from Pepin, WI to Manitowoc, WI. Where is Manitowoc, WI you say?

Manitowoc is on the eastern shore of Wisconsin on Lake Michigan, just southeast of Green Bay. When we were considering a place to ship our boat, we had several criteria. #1 somewhere on the Great Lakes, #2 somewhere that is a reasonable drive from the Minneapolis area, where we still live #3 a marina with great boat repair services, as we have some work we would like done prior to leaving.

So, that being said, we could have gone to Lake Superior however, Lake Superior is too cold in the spring/early and it would likely add a significant number of miles to our trip. I am not a fan of wearing a turtle neck while sailing. Our other consideration was a marina in Waukegan, IL. Mark and I had been to Waukegan previously to attend a diesel mechanic class and we liked the marina and the staff, however Waukegan, IL is a much further drive from the Minneapolis area and much further south in Lake Michigan when we leave.

The boat arrived safe and sound in Manitowoc! We got there just ahead of the boat and we were waiting for her and the driver to arrive. The truck arrived about 4:30 pm and the marina closes at 5:00 pm, so there was no time left in the day to splash the boat in the water on the day we arrived.

Since there wasn’t anything to be done for the rest of the day, we scouted out a great restaurant in Manitowoc and settled on the Courthouse Pub, which is a great local pub with great food. It is so named as it is directly across from the county courthouse. Brad from Cross Country Boat Transport joined us for dinner at the pub. I just want to give a shout out to Cross Country Boat Transport, they are a fantastic company with fantastic people who do a fabulous job! This is the second time we have used their services, as they also moved “Painkiller” from Florida to Pepin when we purchased the boat. Thank you Cross Country Boat Transport!

The next morning we were up bright and early, the boat spent the night on the truck in the parking lot and Brad slept in his sleeper part of the truck and Mark and I hit the nearby hotel for the night. The marina opens at 8 am and we were there waiting to have the marina staff unload the boat and lift her into the water.

We maneuvered “Painkiller” to her slip at the end of A dock. This is where we will spend the next 3 days putting some of “Painkiller’s” accessories back together. Up first, empty the U-Haul. We rented a U-Haul to transport the dinghy and lots of other misc accessories that either were difficult to put down below on the boat or not really convenient to haul on the truck.

So over the next 3 days we completed the following: Sorry I didn’t have more pictures of these items, too much work and not enough picture taking.

Reinstall the hoyt boom – This is a boom that is for our staysail which is a small sail on the front of the boat. It has it’s own boom which is a large aluminum pole that we needed to put back into a hole in the deck and secure it from down below and put some sealant so water does not find it’s way around the pole and into the hole.

Reinstall the bimini and dodger – This is the canvas and frames for the canvas the cover the cockpit area

Reinstall 2 poles on the back of the boat – We have 2 large poles on the back of the boat. One has the wind generator at the top and the other has the radar dome and a couple of antennas at the top. We had to re-attach the poles and then re-run the wiring for wind generator and radar.

Reinstall dinghy davits – This is the framework on the back of the boat that we use to hoist the dinghy out of the water and where the dinghy resides when we are sailing.

Reinstall solar panels – We have 3 solar panels on the boat. 2 are flexible panels that sit on top of the bimini and 1 is a larger rigid panel that sitting on top of the dinghy davits.

Launch the dinghy and store on deck – We had to pull the dinghy out of the U-Haul at the boat ramp area and drag it down the boat ramp to get it in the water. Mark brought it over to the boat from the boat ramp area and between the 2 of us and one of the marina staff we managed to haul it up on the dock and then up on the fore deck of the boat where is will reside for the winter.

Speaking of winter, we only put “Painkiller” in the water for 3 days to put things back together and then she will come back out of the water and be place in indoor heated storage for the winter. Because this is indoor storage, we will not be reinstalling the mast and that will wait until spring to be reinstalled.

After a lot of work, we are finding we like our new surroundings and are excited about what spring will bring. Here is a little tour of Manitowoc Marina.

That is the SS Badger, she’s a car ferry that docks in Manitowoc and crosses Lake Michigan to bring people and cars across the Lake to the Michigan side.

Here’s the entrance to the marina. This is where we will go when it comes time to depart!

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