Plan B

Well, I think I should update you all on our plans for the 2020 sailing season.  As you know, the original plan was to leave Manitowoc in mid-June and head through the Great Lakes, down the east coast to the Caribbean.  Check out “The Plan” area of the blog.  Well, clearly that was the plan since we are blogging about Plan B.  Covid has thrown a wrench in many plans.  We have committed to a seasonal slip in Manitowoc marina for the entire summer season for 2020.  Multiple factors have played into our decision.  Mostly, one of our non-negotiable items is that do not want to leave the Great Lakes without spending time in the North Channel in the most northern part of Lake Huron.  This area is across the Canadian border and at present the Canadian border is closed to tourists.  The North Channel is one of the top 50 places to sail in the world according to the book “50 places to sail before you die”.  Even if the Canadian border were to open at some point this summer, we are uncertain what that will look like and may in fact require a 14 day quarantine period.  Another factor in our decision is how we really want to experience this trip.  We want to be able to go to restaurants, bars, meet people, feel comfortable having guests aboard our boat, etc.  And in the current environment, it just seems that we might not have the experience we are looking for.  This means the boat will spend another winter at Manitowoc marina and we will splash in the spring of 2021 and head to the Caribbean in mid-June of 2021. 

So, Plan B.  What does Plan B entail?  We are still leaving mid-June and crossing Lake Michigan to head over to the Michigan side and harbor hopping up the coast of Michigan to hit all the cute small towns along the way.  Still making our way to Mackinac Island for July 4th, minus any fireworks celebrations since those are cancelled.  Then we will head around the upper peninsula of Michigian and down the Wisconsin coast along Door county and Green Bay.  Essentially we will complete a circle tour of the upper part of Lake Michigan over 3 – 4 weeks., returning back to Manitowoc marina at the end. 

We will see and experience what we can.  Lake Michigan has a lot to offer and we are just as excited to spend our summer here.  And hey, we are retired so we have all day.  Follow along as we tell you about each of the stops along the way.      

4 Comments on “Plan B

  1. Sounds like a solid plan. Any day on the water is a good day, and new adventures can be found anywhere. Enjoy!


    • If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen out there. But we have to be out there!


  2. I have SO enjoyed reading your blog! Thank you for sharing your adventure. Your experience resonates with me so deeply. Since I was young I had a dream to travel all fifty states on a super long road trip. In 2008, when I was married with two children, my husband and I said “we should just do this now!” We had most everything planned for a three-month road trip, covering the lower 48 during the summer of 2010, when a job change for my husband occurred that stopped the plan completely. I still tear up when I think about that call (it was an excellent job offer he was not expecting, so it was bitter sweet). It took me three months before I could tell our daughters I was so depressed.

    But, I am ten years beyond that call and I will say I am so thankful we shifted gears and instead of a mega road trip we broke up the fifty states over seven years. The memories I have on those trips will be with me, and my family, our entire lives. Sometimes change gives you time to improve your dream and make it better.

    I documented our adventures as well via a blog. Mine is uber long now, and has been hijacked to document all my travel adventures since we met our goal in 2017.

    I look forward to following you two the next couple years. I am beyond impressed with your organization, attention to detail, and wanderlust. Sailing for an “extended time” is on my bucket list so who knows…our paths may cross some day. Have fun! Rae Ann Prasnicki

    p.s. I worked with Mark at United Health many moons ago.


    • Hi Rae Ann, what a great dream you have! Sailing and driving are very similar. I would definitely encourage anyone to follow their dreams and get out and do what you love! Thanks for commenting, we love to hear from people. Glad you enjoy the blog!


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