Northport, Michigan

Let’s see now, where were we? We haven’t posted for about a week since we haven’t had any or good internet in the far reaches of northern Michigan. So, back to where we left off….

It’s Wednesday June 24th and we are up at around 9 am and we left Leland, Michigan at 10:40 am heading for Northport which is a small town in Grand Traverse Bay. The distance from Leland to Northport is about 28 nm. We had a significant amount of waves and wind leaving Leland due to the recent storms. This made our exit from the dock in Leland a bit challenging. The fairways in the marina are fairly close together so we don’t have much room to maneuver and our prop walk wants to take us in the opposite direction we want to go and Painkiller is a heavy, full keeled boat without a bow thruster that doesn’t like small spaces. We, thankfully, had help getting off the dock from the dock hands in Leland but it was still a bit of a nerve racking situation and it took awhile after we left the dock for our blood pressure to get back to normal. Now I know why sailors drink! We had some good wind today and we were able to sail most of the distance to Northport. We got to Northport around 4:30 pm.

We did a bit of a walk around town and it’s a pretty small town that seemed really quiet with very few people around and a lot of the businesses not open.

Here are some photos of the marina:

And here are some photos from our walk around town. We found this great outdoor restaurant “The Garage” that had some great food.

Although Northport was a cute small town, there just wasn’t much going on and it’s at least 6 nm out of our way to heading up the Michigan coast, so I am not sure if we would stop again. Hard to judge how much is due to COVID or not.

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