Cleveland – Hot and Rock

We stayed right in downtown Cleveland. That’s Painkiller right behind the Cleveland sign and the building in the background is the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame!

Let’s back up a bit. We left Put-in-Bay around 6 am since we had a little over 50 miles to go today. It was a glorious morning and the sunrise was spectacular today.

The winds were out of the west southwest and were behind us most of the way to Cleveland. The winds built up as the day went on and so did the waves. We had heard about the waves on Lake Erie already from others we have met along the way. The problem with Lake Erie is it is the shallowest Great Lake. Average depth is about 69 feet. Because of the shallowness, when the wind is blowing from the west that waves can kick up due to the wind and has the whole length of the lake to build up. Shallow depth make for steeper waves that are closer together which can make for uncomfortable crew.

This is exactly the situation we had today and today was the roughest day we have had so far. Not scary, just uncomfortable. The winds were up to 20 knots and the waves built to 4 – 5 feet but very short wave intervals = uncomfortable. Painkiller is a stout and sturdy boat and handled it without a problem.

By the time we pulled into Cleveland we were glad to no longer be moving. The marina is super nice but it is stinking hot! It’s about 89 degrees and humid.

We got out our shore power cords and hooked up to the electricity and thought we were fire up the air conditioning to cool things off a bit. As soon as we turned on the A/C we realized that our water pump that pumps water to each A/C unit was not pumping water and therefore not cooling.

We started by checking the things that are simple to check off the list. Check the sea strainer that pulls in water from the lake through a strainer. This strainer can get clogged with crap such as seaweed, algae and all sorts of junk. We did find some stuff in the sea strainer cleaned it out and thought we would be good to go. Nope! Still no water pumping. Next, we spent about 2 hours trying to remove one hose fitting from the water pump itself to ensure we had water flowing to the pump. It was not budging. It’s 89 degrees in the cabin with sweat everywhere and we just want to get this fixed and turn the A/C on. Finally we gave up on the problem hose fitting and instead removed the connection after the pump. This came off much easier. We were able to get water to flow through the pump and get things working again. It appears that the pump had lost it’s prime and once we re-established water flow, it began to pump just fine. Yeah! We have A/C once again. I think we just sat as still as we could for at least 30 minutes so we could cool off.

We are leaving Cleveland tomorrow to fly back home to Minneapolis to see Mark’s mom. We still have to get packed and get to the airport in the morning.

We got up the next day, showered, finalized everything to leave the boat for several days and took an Uber to the airport.

We spent about 4 days in Minneapolis before flying back to the boat in Cleveland. Mark’s mom is doing ok after her stroke. Still very confused and lots of cognitive issues that only time will tell if things will improve or not. It was great to spend time with family, sleep in our own bed and spend sometime with a couple friends as well.

We got back to Cleveland late at night and headed right to bed after a long day.

The next morning we got up and had our coffee and checking the weather. Today’s forecast said a chance of waterspouts. I have never seen that in a forecast before. I guess they were pretty accurate since shortly after reading that, we saw a waterspout off in the distance on Lake Erie.

We spent the afternoon at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame touring the exhibits. It was great fun to see all the music history. Here are some highlights and some of our favorites.

Elvis of course:

Johnny Cash

Who knew Timothy B Schimt of the Eagles collected hotel room keys:

Tom Petty

Of course, Michael Jackson

The Beatles

The Rolling Stones

And Jimmy Hendrix’s guitar

There’s our boat down there from one of the windows in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame

We had a blast in Cleveland!

We had originally booked 3 nights in Cleveland but ended up staying 6 nights in total with the trip back to Minneapolis. Once we arrived at the marina we explained to them that we would have to extend our stay and fly home and explained about Mark’s mom. They ended up charging us for only our originally booked 3 night stay and they were great about watching the boat and actually pumped out the head for us while we were gone. North Coast Oasis Marina was top notch and we appreciated them so much!

One Comment on “Cleveland – Hot and Rock

  1. Very interesting to watch. what an exciting time you are having.
    Mark I’m so sorry about your Mom. I have great memories of the fun we use to have.


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