Boat Vacation

We have been in Newark, NY with the locks closed for 4 days now. Hurricane Henri is now heading up the east coast and likely to dump more rain in the area. We are hearing that it will be at least 3 or more days until the locks will open. The New York canal system folks have decided to drain a large section of the canal down to winter water levels in anticipation of the rain that will come with Henri. This is all we know, which leaves us with more questions than answers at this point.

How often do they drain the canal? How long does it take to refill it? What will that do to the water level where we are? So many questions.

So, when life gives you lemons, your supposed to make lemonaide right? So, we decided to take a boat vacation and visit our daughter in upstate New York while we are here and go and have some fun.

We tried to get a rental car, however the local Enterprise only had 3 cars and 10 reservations. So, Abbie was gracious enough to come and pick us up from the boat and bring us to her house.

We spent a week with Abbie and her husband Ryan and packed in quite a few fun activities.

One day we went to Alexandria Bay which is up by the Thousand Islands area of New York by the St Lawrence River. We took a ferry over to Boldt Castle and took a tour. Boldt Castle was constructed as a summer home in 1900 by millionaire hotel magnate George Boldt for his beloved wife Louise. Mrs. Boldt died suddenly just months before the castle was completed. George was inconsolable and immediately stopped construction and the property was vacant for 70 years. The Thousand Islands Bridge Authority is still actively restoring the property and providing tours. Here are some pics from the castle.

We also went to the local race track one night near Ryan and Abbie’s. It was really fun to see! There were a few mishaps on the track too to add to the excitement. At one point one of the cars lost a tire and it went bouncing around the track and through the infield before coming to a stop. There were a few bumps and spin outs too.

One of the best part of the trip however was Ryan flying the 4 of us to Lake Placid for the day in a Cessna. It was about an hour flight and Ryan is an excellent pilot. We had a great brunch at Big Slide Brewery and then toured the big ski jump that was used during the Lake Placid Olympics.

The scenery from the air was breathtaking!

Here’s a view of the big ski jump from the bottom.

And here’s a view from the top! Nope, not going down that….

The views from the top were amazing however. That’s the airport down there, where we landed.

We also had lots of great meals together, both home cooked and eating out. Played lots of card games, lots of chatting and visiting during our week long visit. Ryan also gave us a great tour of Fort Drum where he is stationed in the army. No photos of the base however, security you know. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Abbie and Ryan and hope to see you guys soon!

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