We are leaving the wall in Newark!

I feel like we have grown roots here in Newark, NY. Not sure we know what a moving boat feels like any more. The canal system is slowly opening and locks 21 – 25 will open on Sept 3rd at 7 am. Today is Sept 2nd. We have met some wonderful people here in Newark and it seems like perhaps the fun is not done yet since we basically all have to leave and head in the same direction.

John left yesterday, he was the first boat to leave. He is only able to get about 23 miles further east before he will have to wait until the 3rd when lock 25 at May’s point will open. We walked down to lock 28 nearby to see John going through the lock.

This morning we intend to leave as well and get at least the 23 miles that we can and wait tonight on the wall just outside lock 25 so we can be there at 7 am tomorrow when it opens. Dave and Kendra on Blue Moon pulled off the wall as we were chatting with others and just like that we decided we better follow them since they would be opening lock 28 for them. Better to catch the lock opening together than to have to wait for another one. So, just like that we jumped aboard, turned the key and we were off. We were able to catch up to them in the lock and lock through with them.

Here are some pictures coming through lock 27 at Lyons

So, the middle section of the Erie Canal from like Newark to Sylvan Beach is the lowest section of the canal, other than the most eastern portion that drops significantly in elevation down to the Hudson River. This is why the middle section was closed due to flooding and why it is also known as the swamp of the Erie Canal. This area is also known as Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge. So, lots of birds and also lots of mosquitos the size of birds. You can see in this elevation view of the Erie Canal what I am talking about.

So understanding all this…I have not idea why anyone would want to camp in a tent along the banks of the Erie Canal in this area.

Once we got closer to lock 25 at May’s point, we had heard that there weren’t many things to tie a boat to on the wall. We texted ahead to John, who confirmed that there were rings and bollards to tie to in some places. In other places we might have to get creative what we tie to.

Once we arrived at the wall, John was there to greet us and help us tie up. There was one other boat there besides John as well. David and Kendra pulled in right behind us and just a bit later Ed and Evelyn came along as well. I guess we are already having a Newark reunion on the wall at lock 25.

We decided since we were all friends, a couple new ones and many of us from Newark, it was a great night to have a pizza party. We polled what each boat had in their pantry to contribute to the makings of homemade pizza. Everyone contributed and we were able to make about 6 pizzas for a crowd of 11 people. It was a fun night!

We all chatted about our next destination and collectively decided that we should head to Brewerton tomorrow. Not sure what you call a bunch of boats all traveling in the same direction….a pack, a flock…a flotilla….yes, that’s it a flotilla!

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