Heading North

We decided that Charleston was as far south as we will go this season and we are headed back north to spend the summer (hurricane season) in the Chesapeake Bay. We left Charleston about 7 am and are headed north back to Georgetown. 58 miles today. Now that it’s not so cold in the morning and evening we are better able to leave earlier and run later in the day and put some more miles on. Not that we are in any hurry. We left Charleston on the Saturday before Easter Sunday and we were able to get one night in Georgetown but we could not get reservations at any marina anywhere close to us for Easter Sunday. We thought we might anchor out in Georgetown however there is some weather coming in for the next day or so as well and we aren’t really excited about being on anchor in high winds. So once we made it into Georgetown to stay Saturday night, we noticed all this dock space at the dry stack marina next door and knowing that it’s Easter weekend, we asked if we could dock there on Sunday night and then Monday night we would move right back to the first marina. They agreed so we moved over there for Sunday evening.

We had a friendly cat come visiting our boat again in Georgetown. She came walking down the dock and climbed right aboard and wanted some love and attention.

The next day the cat came back just as we were leaving the dock to go back to the first marina to spend Monday night. Literally just as we were back away from the dock, the cat jumped aboard the boat and there was a small moment of panic as I scrambled to grab the cat and throw her back on the dock before we got too far away from the dock. She was like “Take me with you!” We were able to get her back on the dock but just barely.

I won’t go into detail about Georgetown again since I just told you all about it in a previous post. We just hung out on the boat in the rain for about half our time here and I made some yummy Shrimp and Corn Chowder.

The looper boats heading north from Georgia and Florida are starting to catch up with us. This is an annual/season migration just like the birds. We are learning that we need to start making marina reservations at least a week in advance right now rather than a day or two in advance. So one day was spend calling ahead to the places we know we want to stop. The weather is starting to become a little bit more predictable so I think it’s getting easier to decide how long we will stay at any given place.

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