We made an offer!

Well, the title says it all, yes we did make an offer on the latest Island Packet 380 located in Florida. Things are moving fast. We were with some close friends for dinner tonight and borrowed their scanner to scan all the documents that needed to be signed and sent back to the broker. We have had a lot to think about over the last few days. What constitutes a good offer? We have understood for quite sometime what we are willing to pay, however we really like this boat, so what are we willing to do to make it ours? Will we need to make any compromises?

We have begun to think about things like needing a boat surveyor, insurance, where to dock the boat, we need a slip, we need transportation to ship the boat from Florida to Minnesota. We will need to travel to Florida to see, inspect, survey and sail the boat prior to purchase. When will we be able to get down to Florida to do this? We need to purchase airline tickets. When will we close on the boat? What kind of time frame will work? Oh and then there’s the pesky issue of money. I guess we have to think about the deposit and ultimately the funds to purchase the boat.

Lots to think about, so I do what comes naturally to me…made an excel spreadsheet (those who know me will laugh about that one)

So, off to the broker went the papers once again with our signatures at the bottom. This time I really didn’t let myself get excited and reserved my excitement for the verdict regarding the offer.

Drum roll please…………….

Inside of 24 hours the broker called us to let us know that we have an agreeable contract with the sellers. Now this is getting exciting!!!! We have agreed upon price, contingent upon personal inspection, survey and sea trial. Now we have to get those items accomplished before we determine if this boat is ours or not.

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