Anyone know a good surveyor?

Well, with the offer step out of the way, we have some work to do…

One of the next steps is to find a qualified yacht surveyor. A surveyor is something fairly equivalent to a home inspector. You hire them to come and inspect or survey the boat with the hopes of finding out the true condition of the boat and any material defects that would influence the purchasing decision or the final selling price. Notice I said, “with the hopes of finding out the true condition…” This would be dependent on the qualifications and quality of the person you hire to perform the survey. But no pressure….. Big decision that we are spending significant dollars on, so we hope we have found someone well qualified.

Not a fan of leaving such big decisions to fate, we start the process of systematically finding, what we hope, is a qualified surveyor.

1) First we asked our broker who he might recommend for a surveyor. Of course, this is not going to be our only step. Asking and accepting the recommendation of the broker, who is motivated to close the sale of the boat to make his commission, regardless of the true condition of the boat, is a bit like putting all your eggs in one basket. So, we hear his opinion, will validate his opinion and move on
2) We called the local boatyard where the boat is currently slipped and asked boat mechanics there who they would recommend for a local surveyor. Those who work in a local boatyard typically see and work on boats issues that have been identified by surveyors and have opportunity to perhaps understand who is doing good survey work and perhaps who isn’t
3) We checked out the certification agencies who certify boat surveyors
4) We checked online boat forums for opinions from those who have had boats surveyed and who they used and who they recommend

We now have a list of 3- 5 surveyors that are under consideration. From this list we did the following:
1) Call each and ask for a sample survey
2) Find out their availability to perform a survey on the dates we require
3) Talk with them about their approach to survey and what we as buyers can expect. Specifically telling each that we intend to look over their shoulder as they perform the survey, not to get in the way, but for us to better understand the results of the survey and what they found. Those who are not comfortable with our involvement in the survey are automatically removed from the list.

Through this process, we were lucky to find one surveyor in particular that was mentioned by all that we talked to, as the best in the state of Florida. The boatyard told us they would not recommend anyone else.

Well one item taken care of on the list – surveyor….check

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