We are off to Florida

Here’s where we are headed. Fort Pierce, Florida. The boat is lying in the Harbortown Marina just waiting for us to come take a look.

We have scratched a few more items off our list. Purchased plane tickets to Florida. Arranged a date and time for the survey and sea trial of the boat to occur. I mentioned previously all the steps we took to select our boat surveyor, however there were a few other points of coordination involved. We needed to align all the stars to ensure the boat was available to be surveyed – currently the boat is on the hard (meaning on land, not in the water) – it is incumbent upon us as buyers to have the boat either hauled out of the water or in this case, into the water, so the boat surveyor can perform his full survey.

We also had to coordinate dates and times with not only the surveyor, but also the broker, who is typically present during this time. Coordinate ourselves and our work and kid schedules. Coordinate flight times, hotel, etc. Typically the current owner or seller is also in attendance at the time of the survey and sea trial as well, however in this case, they were not able to make it.

So, the stars have all aligned and we are soon to be on the plane heading to Florida to see the boat for the first time! Much excitement!

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