Personal Inspection

Well, today is the day…we get to see the boat that we have placed an offer on for the first time. Have you ever seen the movie Captain Ron? I have visions of showing up at the dock to look at the boat for the first time to see what the Harvey’s saw in the movie Captain Ron…I believe the quote was “What would she be worth if she was…in less than perfect condition?”

The picture I included in this post is the boat from the movie Captain Ron…not the boat we are looking to purchase, just in case anyone was confused.

Well, good news, things are never as bad as you imagine them to be. No, in truth the boat met our expectations. We looked in every nook and cranny of the boat with a flashlight, looking for evidence of water leaks and gaining a sense of the general condition. Yes, the boat is a little dirty from sitting on the hard, but I think we can see past that. To our untrained eyes, it would appear that we have passed the personal inspection phase and will now move on to someone with a more trained eye to give us the run down and opinions about the condition of the boat and all the systems.

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