Survey and Sea Trial

For those of you who may be unfamiliar, a marine surveyor is someone you hire to inspect a boat that you are looking to purchase. Something like a home inspector, who will come and look at everything, assess it’s condition, function and value and then provide you a written report of their findings.

This step for us is an important one since 1) we are looking to invest a fair amount of money into this boat and 2) we don’t have a clue what some of those things under the floor boards are

So, we were up bright and early today to meet our surveyor and the broker at the boat to conduct our survey.

We spent an exhausting 10 hours today going through every nook and cranny of the boat. Our initial excitement gave way to fatigue and a sense of overwhelm as we think about all the boat systems and what we will have to maintain.

On a positive note, this boat has a ton of storage. On a not so positive note, all the storage areas are full and we had to take everything out of every area in order for the surveyor to do his job.

On a positive note, boy does this boat come with lots of great stuff. On a not so positive note, we have no idea what half of it is.

On a positive note, we had an exhilarating sail during the sea trial, complete with dolphin swimming off the bow of the boat (good sign, right?). On a not so positive note, we grounded the boat during the sea trial on the intercoastal waterway.

On a positive note, the broker said it was the most exciting sea trial he has been on in quite sometime. On a MORE positive note, I think we really like this boat!

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