Now the work begins??

Or so we thought the work would begin. The weather seems to be conspiring against us today. Rainy, cold and gray today. We did drive down to Lake City and met up with Joe Marz (our rigger) to see what work could be done. When we arrived Joe was hard at work, as usual, inside the boat, checking electronics to ensure things were working properly after some things were reinstalled.

Unfortunately, we are in a very temporary spot on the dock in Lake City Marina and where we are sitting there is no working shorepower to connect to, otherwise we would have plugged in and turned on the heater to see what addition work could be done…it was cold.

As it was, we all decided it was too cold and too wet to be very effective today and packed it in before noon.

With some additional time on our hands, Mark and I drove to Wabasha to look at a cradle for the boat (this is what you place the boat on when you take it out of the water and place it on land for the winter). We knew there was a guy who had an Island Packet 350 around here and sold his boat, but the cradle was still lying in Wabasha. So, off we go to take some measurements to see if it will fit our boat.

Then, we drove over to Pepin, WI. This is where we will be keeping the boat, at Pepin Marina. Our friends Don and Jodi were aboard their boat for the weekend, so we stopped by and visited with them for a bit before we headed back home.

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