Wax on, wax off

The weather was cooperating a bit more today, so we headed down to Lake City Marina once again. On the agenda today, is to clean, wax and polish the mast and all the rigging (those wires that hold the mast up). This task is much easier to accomplish with both the mast and us safely on the ground. If the mast were on the boat, we would only be able to do this by having one of us hoisted up the mast in a bosun chair. If you are not familiar with a bosun chair, it is basically a harness type seat made of board, webbing and nylon, like this:

I am really not quite ready to be hoisted up the mast, 54 feet in the air, supported by a board, webbing and nylon for an extended period of time to clean, wax and polish the mast. I am more than happy to do this job right here on the ground.

The boat has been in a salt water environment for the last 11 years and has sat with little to no attention paid to it for 2 years, so things are a little dirty and grimy to say the least. With a few hours, ok more like 8 hours, of rubbing and polishing things are looking quite nice and shiny. I think we are ready to put the mast back in the boat now.

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