Friends, Fun & Relaxation

Well, if I read through our previous blog posts, it sounds like all we are doing is working on the boat. This weekend the priorities shifted a bit in the right direction. This weekend was all about friends, fun and relaxation. Our good friends Marty & Linny are at the boat this weekend with us and we had a great sail with the old gang from Shorewood Yacht Club – Mark and I, Marty and Linny and Don & Jodi (and their dog Ozzy too!) The winds were great – 12 – 22 knots from the SW. Enough to make for an exciting and fun sailing time and I few exclaimations of “Your going to kill me!” Ok, just to explain, there were no actual deaths involved in this journey, just a joking expression among sailing friends. Ok, so we did finally roll up the jib and sailed on the stay sail and main….that’s better.

All three couples have grown through various stages of our sailing experiences. We all previously owned Hunter sailboats and sailed them together on Lake Minnetonka. Likewise, we have all fairly recently moved on to own bigger, crusing boats. Our friends Marty & Linny have just purchased a 44′ Nordic in California. We had great fun swapping boat purchase experiences and are so happy for them in their new adventures that will be coming soon in California.

A fun 4 hour sailing afternoon was concluded by some sundowners in the cockpit with appetizers before we turned to thoughts of dinner.

The town of Pepin is fairly small, however has some great little resturants in the area. We had dinner at the Garden Pub, which is just a couple of block walk from the boat and has a great outdoor patio where we could sit under the table umbrella’s and could even bring Don & Jodi’s dog Ozzy with us. It was a great dinner of burgers and such on a hot and glorious summer day.

I am looking forward to more days like this!

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