Oh, Your the new Island Packet

Yes, it’s true, our identity has been reduced to an immediate association with the boat make, model and name and we have lost all sense of names and personalities.

Well, I am exaggerating a bit, as my husband tells me I like to do…

However, I do find it curious that among sailors there is an immediate and lasting association of people with the boat. I too, am guilty of this affliction…for the life of me, I can’t remember their names, but you know… the ones that own that Catalina.

It appears that even before we are introduced to people, they are already aware of a new boat in the marina, what it is, what dock it is on, etc. So, frequently when we do finally get to an introduction, the response I hear most often is “Oh, your the new Island Packet”. Why, yes, I am the new Island Packet, er…I mean, hello, I am Rose and my husband is Mark.

I am not bothered by this association to the boat and once introductions are complete, I suspect we become Mark & Rose, who own an Island Packet. And I know, when we get out cruising, we will once again be referred to as “Oh, your the new Island Packet”. And it’s all good, comes with the territory of owning a boat I suppose. Just a casual observation of this name game we play.

Now, I must be off, need to run over and chat with some people who own a Catalina that I can’t remember their names, but have remembered their dog’s name (I guess that’s a whole other topic for a future post)

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