Mark’s nickname is Titch.  There is a story behind this nickname, as with any good nickname.  Often when we are sailing, Mark cannot help himself from adjusting the sails and he is never really satisfied with a given sail position and instead the satisfaction comes from the process of continually adjusting.  Nothing is more fun that messing around in boats, right?

Sometimes, Mark will employ other crew members in this process of continued sail adjustment.  “Hey, can you pull that in a titch?”  “Just let it out a titch”  You get the idea.

As this process evolves, the person employed to do the adjusting is left to wonder, how much is a titch?  Well, as it turns out, a titch is a very scientific and precise measurement.  Urban dictionary defines a titch as “a small amount”  It is often better understood when compared to other very scientific and precise forms of measurement, such as a smidge and a skosh.

When a crew member inquires, “how much is a titch?”  The answer is simple really.  It a bit more than a smidge and a little less than a skosh.

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