Lists, Preparation and More Lists

Well, one of the things on the list is – update blog!   As you can perhaps see we have ignored our blog for quite sometime.  We bought the boat, enjoyed sailing Lake Pepin for several years and now we are preparing for our departure to sail the Great Lakes, Erie Canal, Hudson River, East Coast and the Caribbean.  Check out “The Plan” to see our route.

As you can imagine, there is a lot of preparation and planning that goes into such journey and we have been in full blown planning mode for several months now. 

There are things to buy – top on our list was new electronics, a comfortable mattress, solar panels and wind generator, safety equipment, charts, cruising guides, spare parts and boat bits and fun things like a stand up paddle board. 

Our new electronics have arrived!

There are projects to complete – sewing projects (new dodger and bimini), installing new electronics, general boat cleaning and maintenance, configuring storage, going through volumes of stuff that needs storage, address health/vaccination issues prior to departure and all the regulatory issues such as passports, global entry, boat documentation, FCC license, boat and health insurance and the like. 

Here’s the new bimini with the flexible solar panels laid out ready to be sewn on 
Here’s the new helm with all the new electronics installed
Took a lot of digging in here and running wires to get all the new electronics installed
All this work makes for one messy boat – Is someone going to clean this up?

We have to remember in between all the planning and projects to stop and have fun!  Sail a little, socialize a little and generally relax. 

Beautiful sunset!
Enjoying time with family!

More to come as we get closer to our planned departure!

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