We made it fairly close to Medina and had to go under the Prospect Street Lift Bridge in Medina before we got to the wall to tie up. This particular bridge operator is responsible for both the Prospect Street bridge in Medina and the Knowlesville lift bridge which is about 4.5 miles away.

I called the Prospect Street bridge phone number and got no answer, so I called the Knowlesville lift bridge to see if he was there. He answered and said he had to let a boat through going westbound and then drive over to the Prospect bridge to let us through. No worries, we can hang out for 20 mins. We ended up turning around in the narrow canal which is no easy feat and going back about 1/2 mile before we turned around again and floated toward the Prospect street bridge.

We got out the binoculars and we could watch as the bridge operator got out of his car and climbed the stairs to the bridge tower. We watched him get settled and then he called us on the VHF to let us know to proceed and he would be ready to open.

We came ahead and he opened for us just as expected.

Joe the bridge operator came to meet us at the wall to greet us, give us the code for the bathrooms and gave us the local town tourist booklet that outlined what was in the area. How nice!

Then we tied up at the wall in Medina. It’s right along the edge of town with main street just a block up from the canal. We walked around town to see all the shops and restaurants

There were a couple other boats on the wall with us in Medina. This is the most boats we have seen on our trip on the Erie so far.

We had a late lunch/brunch at a great little local diner called the Country Club Family Restaurant. It was a great place with great food!

Here are just a few pics of the area.

Just kind of a quiet night and a quick stop here before moving on to the next stop.

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  1. Looks like a great stop!!! You both navigate so well!!

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    Carole Bloom


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