We left this morning from Medina. Before we left we had a boat job to do that we must do periodically. We had to pump out the head. Luckily there was a pump out just at the end of the dock where we spent the night in Medina, so we just had to pull out, turn around, dock again near the pump out.

This was the cutest pump out facility I have ever seen. They had the equipment in what looked like an old fashioned out house that was painted red. Too funny!

After we pumped out, we headed out to continue east on the canal.

On the right hand side of the canal just out of Medina there was an area that is a spillway for when the canal has high water and the excess water can spill over this area. It’s kinda scary to motor past because it feels like you could just go over the edge if you got too close.

The canal continues to have beautiful vistas around every corner.

One of the highlights on today’s journey was an area of the canal that actually has a road that runs UNDERNEATH the canal. Yes, I said underneath. Here is a pretty good photo as we went by.

We also encountered our first canal boat. These are rental boats that people rent for about a week and take up and down the Erie Canal. Sometimes you have to watch out for these boats since they may or may not be experienced boat drivers.

After not too long of a day we arrived at the wall in Brockport.

Stats for today include:

Miles traveled: 25

Fixed bridges: 18

Lift bridges: 7

Guard Gates: 4

Locks: 0

I must say that lift bridges are getting less scary and it seems routine now to call them and have them open the bridge for us and no big deal to wait if you have to. At 7, that is the most lift bridges we will have in one day for the rest of the canal, so we had a lot of practice today.

After we arrived in Brockport we wandered around town and ate at a great little restaurant right behind our boat along the wall. The town was very cute and historic.

We decided to stay in Brockport for 2 nights since the next day it is supposed to rain for most of the day. So, the next day we decided it was a boat chores day. We did laundry. There was a great laundry for us to use just steps from the boat at the building that you check in at when you tie up to the wall. Could not be more convenient. Other items were phone calls to family, as Mark’s mom is still in the hospital. Writing a blog post or two. And just some general lounging around.

Today we met an awesome couple from New Orleans, Alan and Brooke. They walked past our boat and we struck up a conversation. These conversations tend to go something like this: Where are you from? Where are you going? How long have you been on the boat? They are doing the Great Loop but in the correct direction. They are heading west through the Erie Canal, through the Great Lakes and down the Mississippi River system to the Gulf of Mexico, back to New Orleans. We must have talked for about an hour. This is what happens when you meet people, whatever you have planned goes out the window while you chat with new friends, not that we really have anything planned anyway. They brought their dinghy here to Brockport and their big boat is parked in the next town east in the canal, Spencerport. Today is Monday and there are not a lot of restaurants open today, so they came over to Brockport to find a place to eat.

Well the rain that we were anticipating today never really materialized. We got some spotty showers but not what they were predicting for today. It appears that the rain is a bit delayed and will come to us tomorrow. We decided we really couldn’t afford, time wise, to spend another day in Brockport to wait out the rain, so tomorrow we are leaving come rain or shine.

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