Have you noticed a theme that all the towns along the Erie Canal are called “something PORT” It all gets so confusing which town is which after awhile.

Well, remember I said we stayed in Brockport for an extra day to avoid the rain. Well, the rain was just delayed a day and it rained ALL day on our way to Fairport. Thankfully our cockpit enclosure kept us fairly dry. However we had some locks to go through today so we had to don our rain gear and get out of our enclosed cockpit to grab those lines in the lock to get us through.

I have very little pictures from today since they would all be nothing but rain.

I was able to get a few pictures as we left Fairport when it wasn’t raining.

So, all this rain we are getting is the remnants of Hurricane Fred. All this moisture is coming up from the south and saturating the northern states, including New York.

We went about 33 miles today in total. Here are some other stats from today:

Fixed Bridges: 39

Lift Bridges: 4

Guard Gates: 5

Locks: 2

We are getting better at going through the locks!

Once we got settled in Fairport, we hunted out a good restaurant for dinner. We finally settled on the Irish Pub in the area. It was great fun because we discovered it was trivia night! We ordered our food and down loaded the app we needed to play trivia. Once the round started, we collectively came up with our best guesses to answer the questions. We did ok…then they had this lightening round where whoever got the correct answer the fastest jumps in first place! Well, I don’t even remember what the question was but the answer was Albert Einstein. And we were the first to answer correctly! First place! Well, that didn’t last long as we watched our first place slowly dwindle down with every subsequent question. It was exciting while it lasted.

We walked back to our boat in the rain and called it a night. Tomorrow we are leaving rain or shine for Lyons.

One Comment on “Fairport

  1. You are having quite an adventure, Mark! I love to see all the pictures and read about your travels. Take care, Shari LaPorte


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