Hyde Park, NY

We left Hop-O-Nose marina about 7:30 am this morning. The sunrise is getting a bit later in the morning than it used to be. We headed down Catskill Creek to get back out into the Hudson River. Along the way, we saw a few of our friends at Riverside Marina in various states of having their masts put back on their boats as well.

We saw David and Kendra on Blue Moon. Looks like they have their mast back in place already and they got some new rigging too while they were here. We happened to see David and Kendra out for their morning walk along the shoreline and they were waving at us as we passed by.

We also saw Jason and Sherry aboard their Island Packet 32. Looks like they will be getting their mast on soon!

We hope to see them both again. Perhaps at the Annapolis Sailboat show or the Bahamas.

Today is also the 20th anniversary of September 11th. It seems weird to be so near New York City on this day and thinking about and remembering all those who’s lives were forever changed by the events of this day. One of the smaller towns we passed by on the Hudson today was having a Sept 11th memorial ceremony. There were lots of first responders in the area. Fire trucks, ambulances, coast guard, etc. Both on land and on the water. They hoisted the American flag over 2 fire trucks as they held their ceremony and fire boats on the water streamed water high in the air.

Then we got hailed on the VHF radio by the Coast Guard. At first we thought…they aren’t going to board us again are they? Nope, he came back to let us know he was going to pass us on our starboard side. That was really nice to hail us to let us know.

A bit later we passed by this beautiful old wooden yacht at anchor off to the side on the Hudson. The boat is name Arriva. We later learned that it is owned by J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series. Also, the boat was previously owned by Johnny Dep. Beautiful boat.

Then came all the large beautiful homes, or should I say estates. As we go further south on the Hudson the homes are getting bigger and bigger.

We docked for the night at Hyde Park marina which has an dock outside of their break wall right along the river. The marina itself is too shallow for us to get into it but the dock along the outside is just fine. It can be a bit rolly but we were just fine.

The next morning we awoke to a couple of skulls rowing up the Hudson. This one is made up of all women. By their looks on the faces, perhaps they thought of other activities that they could be doing this morning.

After we had our coffee and got ready for the day, we headed out to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt museum here in Hyde Park. We intended to take a Lyft to the museum but our driver did not show up, so one of the guys from the marina agreed to drive us over to the museum and we would take a Lyft back.

Here are some pictures of the FDR museum.

Next stop – Half Moon Bay

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