Croton-on-the-Hudson (Half Moon Bay)

We left Hyde Park around 7:30 am after a small weather front went through with 16 knot winds. After the front passed it was nice and calm, so we headed out. We only have about 36 miles to go today.

The scenery along the Hudson in this section is some of the most scenic. The hills start to rise up along either shore and there are lots of curves in this section of the Hudson as well.

A bit further down the river we came across a small island that had an old castle on the island. We later looked up the history of this castle and what was once here. Turns out it is Bannerman’s castle. Built in 1901 by Frank Bannerman. Frank was a munitions dealer who had collected cannons, guns and ammunition from the Spanish war and later World War I. His original store was in Manhattan, NY, however the changing laws of the city no longer allowed him to keep large stores of munitions within the city limits of NYC. He moved his munition stores to this island up the Hudson river and build Bannerman’s castle as a summer home to live.

We also passed by West Point military academy. Very cool site along the Hudson.

The scenery was just breathtaking in this area. Hard to capture through photos.

We came into Half Moon Bay marina in the afternoon and we were hungry. We were close enough to NYC that I wanted to see if we could get some NY pizza. We called a place nearby that delivers and had them deliver it to the boat. It was really good pizza however, I am certain there is better pizza in NYC. Here is a good view of the marina and our boat. That’s our mast in the middle of the picture. The tallest one.

The next day we grabbed an Uber and headed to Croton Dam. We heard that it was a great place to go, so off we went. The Dam was gorgeous and well worth the drive to find it. We ended up on the road above the dam and the park which turned out fine. We thought we would be in the park down below. The views from either location seemed to be great.

After a tour of the dam, we headed back toward the marina and stopped for lunch at this great little Greek restaurant called Piato Greek Kitchen. The food was amazing! We haven’t had Greek food for quite sometime so this was a great treat. Then we walked back to the boat at the marina.

We spent the evening getting packed up and ready to go, as we are heading back to Minneapolis for about a week to attend Mark’s mom’s funeral and see family. We will fly back home from NYC which is just about 30 miles up the Hudson from NYC. We hope Painkiller will be ok while we are gone. See you when we get back.

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