Osprey Marina/Myrtle Beach

We finally made it to South Carolina. We travelled today from St James Plantation to Osprey Marina which was only about 24 miles today. However, we had a total of 18 bridges in 24 miles. 14 of them are fixed bridges that are around 65′ tall so those we don’t worry so much about but we also have 4 opening bridges to go through today as well. One of the bridges that opens is a railroad bridge that is usually always open. So I guess we really only have 3 to worry about.

The landscape along our route today is very remote. No colorful house lining the shores. Nothing but moss covered Cypress trees along the banks and some wildlife. Here is a white crane we saw.

The turtles were out sunning themselves on the tree branches in the water all along the shore. There were a lot of turtles.

We made it to Osprey Marina about 12:30 pm and filled up with fuel and emptied our holding tank. We know we have some weather coming so we will stay at Osprey for a couple of nights while we let all the weather pass. We met some great people at Osprey, we met Steve and Pat aboard Calypso and Bob and Kim aboard Benita. We had the 6 of us aboard Painkiller for evening happy hour. Steve and Pat’s boat is parked along this long dock as you enter the marina that is very detached and far from the main area of the marina. There are golf carts parked on either end between this dock and the marina building. People hop in the golf cart to come around to the marina and then go back again and leave the golf cart on either end. Steve and Pat are the second boat in the line of boats here.

Here’s our boat looking from their boat. On the water it’s fairly close together but on land you have to go a long way around. I tell you all this because when Steve and Pat came over for happy hour about 20 mins into our happy hour it started to rain, hard and thunder and lightening. What might have been an hour or so happy hour turned into most of the evening as we enjoyed each others company until the rain let up enough for them to make the trek back to their boat with the golf cart.

The next day we just hung around the boat and took a walk around the marina area. There is really no town or anything close by within walking distance. The most interesting thing we saw was a field of goats along our walk. The evening brought a repeat of the previous evening. Steve and Pat, Bob and Kim and Steve and Pat’s friends Brian and Ellen all joined us for happy hour and of course more rain! This time they were smart enough to bring an umbrella. We all had a great time! Heading out tomorrow for points south.

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