Heritage Plantation Marina

Heritage Plantation marina was just an overnight stopping point. Not much of interest here and it’s right in the main channel of the ICW so no real protection at speak of. We stayed here for a couple of reasons. #1 we knew we had some weather coming in and it would likely arrive before we could make it all the way to Georgetown #2 we still had remnants of storms and rain this morning in Osprey which prevented us from leaving really early and #3 we couldn’t get a reservation at Georgetown for tonight. So here we are.

When we pulled up to the marina today the wind and current were quite high as we were coming into the dock. Both the wind and current were flowing in the same direction and at first the dockmaster wanted to put us on the inside of a dock that would have the wind and current push us into the dock. Lucky for us as we approached the dockmaster thought better of the situation and whistled to us and pointed us to the outside slip where we could head up into the wind and current as we were coming in. Much better approach! There was one other traveling boat here with us and the marina was pretty quiet. Nothing much around this marina to go and explore either, so it was a night spent on the boat grilling hamburgers and watching the storms come in in the evening. It was windy and we got some rain but nothing too bad.

On the way to the marina for the night it was just a grey and cloudy day.

The only real thing of interest today were these 2 military looking boats that passed us by today. They looked very stealth. They were painted very flat grey and didn’t show up on radar or AIS. No markings of any kind. They had some sort of jet engine and could go very fast! It literally sounded like a jet on the water and they kicked up a tremendous wake even at a slow speed.

We are excited to move on to Georgetown tomorrow and have heard great things about the town and are looking forward to exploring and visiting.

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