Georgetown, SC

This picture is the view from our boat at the dock in Georgetown, it was just beautiful!

We left Heritage Plantation marina around 8 am to head over to Georgetown. Not too far to go today, just 10 miles or so to go today. We plan to stay 3 nights in Georgetown because we are not in a hurry and we are always watching the weather and planning where to hang out during the now predictable pattern of weather every 4 – 5 days.

Once we made it to Georgetown and got settled we explored the town. We stayed at Hazzard marina which is just a little farther from town than the town marina in Georgetown. We appreciated the walk however and it’s only about 3/4 of a mile to town through a very pretty historic neighborhood. Georgetown is the 3rd oldest city in South Carolina with Charleston being #1 and Beaufort being #2. Georgetown also has a history rich in the production of rice. In the 1840’s Georgetown produced more than half the total rice crop in the United States. There is even a rice museum in Georgetown.

What I love about these historic towns are the live oak trees and the historic houses.

Here are some more photos from our walk around town.

We stopped and got a bite to eat at a great little sidewalk cafe in town along our walk.

There is also a wooden boardwalk along the waterfront in Georgetown that was awesome to walk along with additional restaurants overlooking the water.

The only downside to Georgetown is there is a paper mill in town. When the wind is blow for the right direction, as it was the day we arrived, the smell from the paper mill can be downright awful! It was windy for 2 days while we were here and I was ready for the wind to stop and change directions.

The next day we were on a mission to head to the grocery store and get some fresh produce and other necessities. The nearest grocery store is a Piggly Wiggly that is 1.5 miles away. We have a great little hand cart that can either be pulled by hand or attached to a bike that we bring to the grocery store. If we need to get heavier items such as beer or water it’s nice not to have to carry that 1.5 miles back to the boat. It was a nice walk there through town and it was nice to stretch our legs. Sometimes when we are on the boat for a couple of days we need a good walk. We were able to find everything we were looking for and like most trips to the grocery store we found a few items we didn’t need as well. We loaded up our cart and made the trek back to the boat.

Now for those of you who wonder what we do all day, it does take all day to shower, get ready, walk to the store, shop, walk back from the store, bring all the stuff on the boat and put all the stuff away.

We stopped to split a burger on the way back from the store. Shopping makes one hungry.

Often on the boat we don’t always have dinner at the appropriate dinner time. Sometime our big meal of the day is what we call Linner, between lunch and dinner. We get to a dock from traveling for the day and park the boat and then we want to explore the town and exploring often includes grabbing a bite to eat at a local place and it usually happens to be 3 – 4 pm when this happens, so we have linner.

It was still really windy all night long and when we woke up the next morning it was 34 degrees! So glad we were at a dock and plugged in so we could run the heat. Brrrr….

Mark spent the day putting on a coat of varnish on the teak while I worked on a blog post and cleaning up. We wandered down to a place called Buzzard’s Roost for dinner and some live music. Nice last night in Georgetown.

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  1. I love the pictures. We’ve always wanted to travel to that part of the country.


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