We have been sucked into the vortex of boat projects, repairs and stuck in marinas. We are primarily in Annapolis because of the need to get our watermaker over hauled and refurbished in order to use it while we are in the Bahamas. We started out well enough with getting the Clark pump rebuild and replacing the membrane for the watermaker. However, when we tried a test run of the watermaker, there were several leaks, another pump causing a breaker to trip and diverter valves not functioning as they should. This required the marina here to order some parts to get us up and running and we have been sitting here for about a week waiting for parts. The saga of the watermaker continues….

In the meantime, Mark installed a new tank monitor for our holding tank.

We also decided to do a bit of shopping for some items that we couldn’t find at the normal grocery store and a few items we needed from Target. We found this great area called Town Center that has lots of shops, a Home Depot, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Whole Foods, Target, and lots of great restaurants. It was an awesome location to spend an afternoon. Yes, cruisers think stores are way cool! The interesting thing about the few items we still needed and were not able to find, one of those items was eggs! Yes, we have been to 3 stores here looking for eggs and there are none to be found! The shelves have been completely empty in the egg department. I don’t know what the deal is, one grocery store said it was taken off their order by mistake. I don’t know, chicken strike?, supply chain? Who doesn’t have eggs? We finally got some eggs at Whole Foods here.

While we are waiting for parts, we fill our time with cleaning, boat projects, washing, waxing, etc. The boat has never been so clean. And we are exploring Annapolis and finding all the great places to eat. One new favorite to add to the list, is the Federal House. It has been a tavern here in Annapolis since 1830.

To break up our routine of waiting and projects, our friends Ed and Evelyn have arrived in Annapolis on their boat from North Carolina! We plan to head down the coast with them in a week or so when we can get out of this marina and repairs. It is so awesome to see Ed and Evelyn again! We met Ed and Evelyn last summer while we were both on the Erie Canal. We traveled portions of the Erie Canal with them. Then when Mark had his health issues and we needed a place to keep the boat, Ed came to the rescue and stored our boat behind their house in New Bern, NC for 4 months for us. What great friends!

We met up for dinner and a walk around town. Lots of fun times ahead. Here are some cool photos of the great buildings around Annapolis.

And of course, a great sunset to top off the evening.

2 Comments on “Annapolis

  1. Hi Rose,

    I’m having fun following your blog. While in Annapolis you must try the crab cakes at Chris & Ruth’s. Best in the world (well at least my world).


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