Boat Shopping

As a woman, it’s a bit unusual that I really don’t like to shop, however, if we are talking about boat shopping…now you have my interest. We have become boat shopaholics over the last couple of years. We have become regulars at, pouring over the boat ads, discussing what new boats popped up today over dinner, and “what did you think of that one?” has become a frequent phrase in our new found vocabulary among other words like jib, displacement, davits, chartplotters, dorades and windlass.

Our list of potential boats was at one point as long as there are nautical words. We learned about lots of different boat manufacturers, builders and designers. Each new boat that we learned about became our boat de jour, we tried it on for size…how would we look behind her helm, would it be comfortable to sleep aboard, how would she sail and did we think it would feel like home.

Naturally, we had to narrow down this list at some point to move this from speculative dreaming to directional reality. Ahhh…but remember, it is the journey, not the destination. Boat shopping is no different in that regard. We have fully enjoyed our journey of boat shopping and it would appear that we are now nearing our destination.

So who says you have to buy the boat, slip the dock lines and sail off into the sunset in order to declare you are cruising? Mark and I have decided we should not wait for the kids to leave for college or wait until we buy the “big” boat to start our cruising life.

For years, we have been reading magazines, books, taking classes, sailing as much as we can, all in the hopes that one day we will slip the lines off the dock. Undoubtly, we will still get to that day at some point in the forseeable future, however we have declared today as the start of our cruising lifestyle. You see, we have determined that cruising is a frame of mind.

Cruising to us means that we have placed what is important first and because we have done so, we are able to now live a simplier and unemcumbered lifestyle. Turns out, we have learned we can do just that even before we buy the “big” boat.

Now don’t get me wrong, we still spend countless hours browsing, discussing the finer points of a boats list of specifications and fight over who gets to read the latest issue of our sailing magazines first.

We are embarking today on our cruising lifestyle because we are taking a new approach to living the life we envision while we will actually be sailing the “big” boat but doing so on land, here, today and everyday.

Follow us as we prepare, dream, plan, send the kids off, buy the big boat and yes, finally slip the lines.